Kentucky Odyssey of the Mind


Get Connected

Kentucky Odyssey of the Mind provides several ways to get connected. KYOOTM relies solely on volunteers to operate, and we do our best to ensure that each volunteer, whether it's a coach, coordinator, or judge, has as much of a rewarding and enjoyable experience as the teams.  


Becoming an Odyssey of the Mind Coach will probably be one of the most rewarding volunteer roles you will ever have. In the end, you will absolutely be amazed by what the kids have created and solved completely on their own…but they could not have done it without you as their coach!


  • You will have the opportunity to work with a team of up to 7 kids to facilitate creative problem-solving, team building, and brainstorming.
  • You do not need to be an expert in a particular area; you just need to have a passion to see kids grow and learn.
  • We will provide trainings, mentorship, and a good ear for listening throughout the season.


The Odyssey of the Mind Coordinator is the “behind the scenes” person ensuring the administrative side of the program gets done but is the most important link between coaches, school districts and Kentucky Odyssey of the Mind events.  With the diligent support of Coordinators, coaches will feel prepared, and your school’s teams will compete successfully with other teams at your Regional Tournament.

Judges & Volunteers

Judges & Volunteers contribute their skills, knowledge, and interests to provide an amazing experience for kids. Just like an Odyssey of the Mind team, we want our judges & volunteers to capitalize on their strengths when donating their time and energy. Thus, we have a variety of roles to ensure your experience is fun and rewarding!