Kentucky Odyssey of the Mind


Start Odyssey of the Mind in Your Community


This simple process begins with generating interest in the program with staff, students and parents to form teams, recruit coaches, judges, and volunteers.

  • Check out the resources below and on our Coordinators page to help you reach out to kids and parents about the program. 
  • Kentucky Odyssey volunteers may also be available to conduct Information Sessions with parents and students interested in the program.


Once a school has interest, it is time to purchase a national membership to Odyssey of the Mind.

  • The cost is $135 and allows the school to field up to one team per competitive problem per division and unlimited primary teams (K-2). 
  • Teams compete by division which is determined by the oldest team member. 

     Division I — Grades K-5

     Division II — Grades 6-8

     Division III — Grades 9-12

     Division IV — Collegiate (ALL students must have a high school diploma to participate.)


Click Here to be directed to the National Odyssey of the Mind Registration page.


  • For teams to participate at their Regional Tournament, the fee is only $100 per team for tournament registration for Divisions 1-3. This includes the State Tournament fee if the team advances.  Primary registration is only $45 per team.
  • Teams are required to provide one judge per membership and one judge per team as part of their tournament registration. There are no fees to attend coaches or judges training. 
  • Just come enjoy and be part of the process of teaching kids creative problem solving skills, teamwork and much more – after all, this is an odyssey, not a destination!


For more information, please visit the national website or contact us.

Generating Interest

Check out this Odyssey Awareness video that you can use to help generate interest in Odyssey of the Mind.  You could run it on a laptop, tablet, etc... at an Open House or other school events.  Find it on YouTube here.