Kentucky Odyssey of the Mind


Tournament Etiquette


Kentucky Odyssey of the Mind is very fortunate to have the support of school districts and colleges/universities through the generous use of their facilities for tournaments. As guests, it is important to remind each other to be respectful of their property and be good role models for kids when we see unacceptable behavior.

At the Tournament

  • Observe all posted signs (e.g., loading and unloading, spectator entrance and exit, etc...)
  • Remember, HANDS OFF!!  
  • Listen carefully to the Timekeeper/Announcer for team instructions concerning taking photos with flash and videotaping performances.
  • Applaud...LOUDLY!
  • Take all personal belongings and trash out of the facility with you.

We hope you will join us in supporting and recognizing all the hard work these teams and coaches have demonstrated throughout the season at the Regional Tournaments. We look forward to seeing you at tournaments in the next few weeks!

The team from New Haven Elementary School posing at World Finals before prop destruction