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Judges Training


Judges are required to attend a half-day online training session (coaches and team members are not allowed to sit in) to help prepare you for your judging responsibilities. Online training information and links to sign in will be emailed to you.

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Judge Registration Instructions

Online Judge Registration is now open and will end January 15.  Judges should register early to improve your chances of getting your 1st preference request.

Judge Email Address
Judges must have their own email address and cannot share a Coach's or Coordinator's email address.  There are NO exceptions on this requirement. This means:
  • A Coordinator or Coach can not enter their email address as the Judge's email address if they are registering the judge
  • A husband, wife, and/or relative can not use the same email address

Judge Credit for a Team/Membership
If you are judging for a Team/Membership for judge credit, you MUST answer "Yes" to the "Are you judging for a team for judge credit?" question and then enter the "Membership #"(the "Problem" and "Division" fields are optional for this section).  Have this information with you before you register.

Children and/or Relatives on a Team or Coaching a Team
If you have children/relatives on a Team and/or a relative Coaching a Team, then you must answer "Yes" to the "Do you have any children/relatives competing?" question and enter the Membership #, Problem, and Division for each relative. Have this information with you before you register.

Online Registration
There are two pages to the online registration process:

Page 1
  • Enter the registration information
  • READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS at the bottom of the page
  • Accept them by clicking the box by the "I understand and agree with the above terms and conditions" 
  • After accepting the terms and conditions, click the Next button
Page 2
  • Review your information
  • Make corrections by clicking the Previous step button
  • Re-enter your email address to confirm it matches the first page
  • Click the Submit button.  The Submit button will NOT be active if the email addresses do not match. 

Your Registration is not complete until:
  • You have clicked the Submit button
  • AND you have received your Email Confirmation


Michael Taylor

Judge Facilitator
KY Odyssey of the Mind